alice (vyxle) wrote,

Let's Play the Compliment Game!

I'm way too excited about Otakon for coherent thought, so instead, let's play a game! Stolen from the lovely onceupon:

Leave me a comment and I will leave you a compliment, genuinely intended. They won't all be super deep but that is okay, too.

Leave compliments, if you so desire, for other people you recognize! You can do this anonymously, if you choose.

The most important rule: you can't argue with the compliment you receive. No trying to downplay it or wriggle out of it. Just say thank you and sit with it if it comes down to it.


ETA: Hey Awesome people! You don't actually have to compliment ME, the original idea is that I compliment YOU. You could tell me that the sky is blue, and I'll tell you why you're awesome. It's just that simple.

That being said, thanks for the compliments, anonymous internets :)

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