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The First Day of School

I almost didn't think there'd be a new photo today, as nothing was particularly inspiring. Maybe I'm just getting used to all the crazy things I see all the time. Luckily I found Space Flavored Bubble Rocket Soda to save the day! It actually tastes pretty awesome, sort of like hyper-carbonated Pocari Sweat, but sweeter. The thing nearly exploded when I opened it, and I burped just about after the first sip. It's like the Fizzy Lifting Drink from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

In other news, the children were very excited to see "New Teacher!" today. The ones I already knew from Nikko and Day Care were particularly sweet, grabbing my hand and sitting on my lap. Karen N and Himawari were both decked out in beautiful party dresses, and Karen even had this miniature pink silk tophat with Mickey ears and rosettes attached to it clipped to her head, Gothic Lolita style. I would have taken a picture of that, but I figured the kids were probably freaked out enough about the first day of class that I didn't need to add my camera to the mix.

I had the 2-3s today, and not that I'm picking favorites, but I'd have to say my favorite was Shura. He's a 2 year old with the growly voice of a long-distance trucker who smokes 3 packs a day. He also happens to be completely obsessed with Hello Kitty. Cuteness knows no gender bounds here! Speaking of gender issues, I kept wondering about this tiny girl, still a toddler really long hair, pretty bangs, and a similarly growly voice, dressed rather tomboyishly in blues and greys. Until Peepee Time when it turned out that she actually was a boy, minus the tom. Right.

Clicky clicky for the flicky flicky!
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