It's Official!

I have once again been elected as the new president for Otakorp Inc., the corporation behind Otakon. I might be crazy to sign up for this position a second time, but I'm pretty excited!


Let's Play the Compliment Game!

I'm way too excited about Otakon for coherent thought, so instead, let's play a game! Stolen from the lovely onceupon:

Leave me a comment and I will leave you a compliment, genuinely intended. They won't all be super deep but that is okay, too.

Leave compliments, if you so desire, for other people you recognize! You can do this anonymously, if you choose.

The most important rule: you can't argue with the compliment you receive. No trying to downplay it or wriggle out of it. Just say thank you and sit with it if it comes down to it.


ETA: Hey Awesome people! You don't actually have to compliment ME, the original idea is that I compliment YOU. You could tell me that the sky is blue, and I'll tell you why you're awesome. It's just that simple.

That being said, thanks for the compliments, anonymous internets :)

Pepsi White

So I'm writing an article on crazy flavored Pepsis from around the world. This madness is currently sitting in my fridge waiting to kill me. I mean yogurt? I love Calpis, another crazy Japanese yogurt drink, so maybe this'll kick ass. Or maybe I'll die.

Aw, snap.

Two Spanish guys came in to the store today. The first guy spoke decent English and did all the ordering, the second guy spoke only Spanish and kept fairly quiet. As I rang them up, they started chatting.

The first told the second (in Spanish): "That's my girlfriend. But she doesn't speak Spanish."

My response (in Spanish): "Actually, I do speak Spanish, but I'm not your girlfriend."

Yeah, they were pretty surprised. Newsflash: Spanish is pretty weak as a secret language!

Baaaaaaaaby Tiger!

This was at the Phuket FantaSea, which is a very odd sort of a Thailand for Tourists theme park. At first I was all worried about the exploitation of wild animals AND THEN I WAS FEEDING A BABY TIGER, IT WAS SO AWESOME.